General information

The DBFZ, founded in 2008 as a non-profit GmbH and based in Leipzig, develops practical solutions along the value chains and cycles of biomass based on the “Smart Bioenergy” approach. Through applied research and the development of technologies for the energetic and integrated material use of biomass, the DBFZ contributes to the realization of a climate-neutral society. With more than 250 employees and a state-of-the-art research infrastructure, the DBFZ works on various key topics.

Important competencies, preliminary work and infrastructure

The biorefineries research department has, among other things, an automated high-pressure, high-temperature hydrotreater with a semi-batch reactor for processing bio-based (pyrolysis) oils in its pilot plant and laboratory area. The employees involved in the project also have many years of expertise in the multi-criteria technology assessment (e.g., simulation-based mass and energy balances, costs, resources, and environmental impacts) of renewable fuels and biorefinery concepts, including in the context of evolving regulatory framework conditions. In addition, the employees contribute their expertise from their work in national and international committees (e.g. IEA Bioenergy TCP, EERA, ETIP Bioenergy) as well as standardization committees for fuel standardization and other projects in the context of fuel qualities to the project.

Expectation of progress through the project

The research project expands the available methods, particularly in multi-criteria technology assessment and the hydrotreatment of selected material flows. In addition, it promotes exchange beyond the committee activities and knowledge transfer with practitioners.