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General information

The sub-institute Chemical Energy Carriers – Fuel Technology of the Engler-Bunte-Institute (KIT-EBI) focuses much of its teaching and research on converting synthesis gas to hydrocarbons and their processing to standardized fuels. One focus is on hydroprocessing and the characterization of FT and MtG/DtG raw products in their laboratory facilities and in pilot plants at industrial partners.

Important expertise, preliminary work and infrastructure

Fuel synthesis produces many high-molecular by-products (e.g. wax fraction, heavy fuel fraction). These by-products reduce the fuel yields and economic efficiency of these processes. In this context, the EBI investigated a variety of catalytic routes for treating these fractions through hydroprocessing. It was shown that form-selective catalysts with high hydrogenation activity can produce aromatic-free and high-octane fuel components from heavy gasoline.

The synthetic fuels can be adapted to the applicable standard by adjusting the petrochemical parameters.

Expectations for progress through the project

In the “Green refinery of the future” project, the preparation process is to be further optimized to provide partners from the automotive industry with a 100% renewable and standard-compliant fuel. In this context, the aim is to further link the processes with the aim of further increasing the yields and qualities of the fuels. The processes are also to be made more flexible to provide renewable and standard-compliant diesel and kerosene in addition to petrol.