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General information

EDL is one of Germany’s leading technology-oriented plant engineering companies and has several decades of experience in planning and constructing process engineering plants. In addition to classic engineering and plant construction services, EDL also stands for developing and implementing innovative technologies and solutions, including electricity and biomass-based fuels, environmentally friendly production of lubricants and waxes, and more efficient use of energy and raw materials.

One of the main focuses of technology development is the production of climate-neutral fuels and chemical base materials based on resource-saving processes

Important skills, preliminary work and infrastructure

EDL Anlagenbau GmbH can draw on a wealth of experience from projects involving the production of pyrolysis oils. In detail, this concerns both the production using various pyrolysis processes with a wide variety of input materials (used tires, plastics, etc.) and the treatment and further processing of pyrolysis oils and waste oils using a wide variety of processes to provide environmentally friendly value-added products for the chemical industry.

EDL has developed a depolymerization process for recycling plastic fractions and implemented it for producing wax fractions for use in the chemical industry. EDL has implemented hydrogenation plants to process waste oils to produce high-quality lubricants.

In addition, EDL has its own technologies and processes for aromatics separation in lubricant production to produce high-quality lubricants and aromatics fractions as environmentally friendly tender oil (TDAE) for tire production.

Expectations for progress through the project

EDL is responsible for the technical design of industrial process routes for extracting marine fuel or blending components from bio-based pyrolysis oils. As a system integrator, EDL examines the optimal integration of these routes into the overall concept of a sustainable refinery. By considering technical and economic criteria, the process streams can be expected to be optimally linked with other technology paths.