General information

The Institute of Combustion Technology at DLR has been active in evaluating synthetic aviation fuels since 2006. A wide range of experience, methods and an international network have been developed in this field. A special feature of the institute is the cross-scale consideration and evaluation of fuel effects on combustion: The basis is the detailed fuel analysis with a focus on the characterization of the composition of the fuels, as well as the determination of the specification properties and in particular the low-temperature behavior with highly accurate scientific methods. The data collected is used to develop and validate chemical kinetic combustion processes and fuel preparation. High-speed measurement techniques and advanced numerical CFD tools are used to characterize the influence of fuel on critical parameters of combustion chamber performance and emission behavior under atmospheric and high-pressure conditions.

Key competencies, preparatory work and infrastructure

The data and findings collected over the years from the activities carried out at the institute, as well as from international approval activities, have been systematically collected in a database and are actively used via data-based models and as reference data for the evaluation and optimization of new manufacturing processes in the DLR SimFuel platform.

Expected progress through the project

  • In-depth understanding of the possible product spectrum of aviation fuels from a green refinery of the future.
  • In-depth understanding of the relationship between fuel composition and technical usability for potential aviation fuel products from a future green refinery.
  • Extensive knowledge of the relationship between potential future specification limits in aviation and their impact on refinery products