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General information

INERATEC GmbH produces sustainable synthetic fuels and chemical products and builds modular chemical plants for power-to-X or gas-to-liquid applications.
Renewable hydrogen and the greenhouse gas CO2 are converted into sustainable products such as sustainable, standard-compliant kerosene, petrol and diesel (e-fuels), or synthetic waxes.

Since its foundation in 2016, INERATEC has already realized power-to-liquid plants on an industrial scale at
German locations to increase the availability of sustainable fuels in various transport sectors.
In addition, INERATEC is active in many national and international projects to promote the development, market launch, and market ramp-up of e-fuels.

Key competencies, preparatory work and infrastructure

INERATEC is a pioneer in producing CO2-neutral fuels and chemicals as ready-to-use alternatives to fossil oil-based products. In addition, its modular chemical plants offer a solution for the defossilization of the aviation, shipping, and chemical industries.
The company has extensive experience integrating modular plants into “Verbund” sites. The core of INERATEC’s innovative technology is the microstructured reactor design, which offers high load flexibility and fast start-up and shutdown times.
INERATEC’s technology is therefore perfectly suited to the fluctuating feed-in of solar or wind energy in combination with a lack of storage capacity and enables the cost-effective and efficient realization of Power-to-X systems, even on a decentralized scale.

Expectations for progress through the project

As part of the project, further expertise is to be gained in processing crude generated synthetically in the Power-to liquid crude into ready-to-use products. INERATEC sees itself primarily as a producer of Fischer-Tropsch crude and works with refineries for processing and refineries for processing and with customers for application. In addition to the evaluation of the KIT’s crude processing methods and integrating these findings into the portfolio of standardized portfolio of standardized plant modules, INERATEC is committed to achieving high crude quality and, at the same time, being able to serve the widest possible range of customers. This means that co-products also have a useful application in addition to products such as synthetic kerosene. The focus here is on blendability and their use as 100% substitutes for fossil products.